Akademik Yıl Macarca Kursu



on Hungarian language, history, and culture

600 class units, 60 ECTS credits

28 Eylül 2016 – 02 Haziran 2017

Programme of language instruction:

  • Hungarian language, history, and culture for beginners
  • duration: 28 weeks
  • 550 Hungarian language classes (45 minutes each)
  • 50 lectures on history and culture in English
  • 4-6 language classes per day
  • language of instruction: English
  • minimum number of students: 4
  • optional: Debrecen Summer School’s end-of-course test (ECTS points)

Course description:

This “Foundation Hungarian” course is an ideal language-learning opportunity for those students would like to use Hungarian in their studies or daily affairs in or outside Hungary. Students proceed from beginner to intermediate level through 550 classes of language instruction. Developing phonetic skills, speaking and communicative competence as well as regular testing are integral parts of the language-learning program. By the end of the course, learners will know the basic rules of Hungarian grammar and the most important vocabulary used in everyday situations. All essential language functions and competencies will be put at their disposal.

In addition to learning Hungarian, students will also attend 50 university-level lectures delivered in English on the distant and more recent past of Hungarian culture and history. Embedded in the cultural syllabus, uniquely Hungarian aspects will also be discussed. On completion of the course, students will have a reasonably comprehensive understanding of the history and culture of Hungary.

If you need a student visa to start your studies in Hungary, the expenses of participating in the program will be as follows:

Overall expenses: EUR USD
Registration fee (non-refundable) 75 100
Administration fee (non-refundable) 120 155
Tuition (750 class units) 1995 2650
Accommodation deposit * 1450 1900
Total: 3640 4805

The price of the teaching material is not included in the course fees.

Important information:

As soon as the total amount has been transferred to Debrecen Summer School’s account, you will receive a letter addressed to the Embassy in your country, to support your visa request. Please attach and submit it to your visa request.

Please note that you will have to apply for a visa together with the residence permit at the Hungarian Embassy prior to your first trip to Hungary, for contact information of consulates please refer to the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

The registration and administration fees are non-refundable. Should a candidate be unable to come to Hungary and start his studies because his student visa has not been issued, he will be indemnified for the paid amount minus these items (registration and administration expenses) and the banking costs.

*: Accommodation deposit is required if you apply for a visa to stay in Hungary unless you can prove with a lease contract of an apartment where you can stay signed by the all the owners, tenants, and beneficiaries to the flat, and by two witnesses, with the addresses of the witnesses as well.

Accommodation (rent and deposit):

  • A flat on my own (3-month rent)
  • Single room in a shared flat (6-month rent)
  • Double room in a shared flat (10-month rent)

The prices are approximate. The flats for rent are furnished and the rent does not include the utilities.