ELT Study Abroad and Academic Consulting Services was established in 2000 and immediately began to offer assistance to individuals wanting to work or study abroad, or participate in cultural exchange programs. From its founding until today, ELT has gained a wealth of experience in the areas in which it works, providing quality service and customer satisfaction.

The founding members of ELT are educated linguists, who have successfully provided overseas education solutions, including thousands of educational exchange student programs, career and cultural exchange programs, according to the globalizing world, the realities of our country, and the needs of our students and their potential.

ELT, with its well-established and varied connections abroad, including in the United States and many European countries, has been providing first-hand services, both domestically and abroad, thanks to its sturdy infrastructure. These characteristics deem ELT a superior provider, compared to other establishments in the sector, and ensures that ELT will deliver high-quality service.

ELT is able to offer a wide range of services in the field of international education and career counseling services.

Our establishment may serve your needs in the following areas:

  • Foreign language education abroad
  • Foreign university placement and academic coaching
  • Certificate and vocational training programs
  • Paid and unpaid internship programs
  • Teach in the USA
  • 9-16 summer schools

One’s decisions regarding education are critical and directly affect the future. At ELT, we understand the importance of our role in guiding our clients in making those decisions, and the responsibility that is bestowed on us.

Based on this, our first priorities are assessing our candidates’ individual potential, circumstances, goals, and economic position, in order to offer the most suitable options for them.

At this critical point in the decision-making process, our candidates can rely on ELT’s professional experience and quality service, and rest assured that we will do our utmost to bring you success.

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